If you’re the type of person who always seems to misplace your keys or wallet, someone in your life has probably recommended that you invest in a personal tracker. There are a few options on the market, like the popular Tile trackers, although more recently, Apple launched its own version called the AirTag that is sleek, easy to use, and compatible with Apple devices. Plus, the AirTag tracker has garnered thousands of positive ratings on Amazon, with many reviewers emphasizing how convenient it is to keep track of valuables during travel.

The Apple AirTag is the brand’s first tracking device, designed to be attached to items like keys, backpacks, and wallets, in order to help users keep track of their valuables. AirTags are compatible with Apple’s Find My app, streamlining the tracking process for Apple users. A one-tap setup connects your AirTag to your iPhone or iPad, making it impressively easy to start keeping track of your belongings. If you’ve misplaced an item nearby that’s attached to an AirTag, you can play a sound to help lead you to it, or ask Siri for assistance.

If you lose an item, simply put the AirTag in Lost Mode on the app and you’ll be automatically notified when it’s in the Find My network. AirTags are available in packs of one and four, so you can easily outfit your whole family (or all your own important devices) with their very own tracker.

If you’re using your AirTag for items like keys or luggage, you can use one of Apple’s stylish and convenient accessories to attach it to your valuable item, like a leather key ring or plastic and leather loops. There’s even a leather Hermès bag charm if you want to display your AirTag with a luxurious touch. You can also find plenty of other key rings and protective AirTag accessories on Amazon to make attaching your tracker to your belongings secure and stylish.

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com, $29

Amazon reviewers rave about the AirTags, giving them over 10,000 five-star ratings. “I’ve already used these tons of times in about one month of having to find my keys, wallet, and family member’s keys,” one reviewer wrote. “I even have one on my backpack for when I’m traveling. They make finding any item a breeze, especially with Precision Finding, but even without, they’re amazing!”

If you’re looking for a way to keep better track of your valuables, especially while traveling, the Apple AirTag makes it simple and secure to make sure you never stray too far from your essentials. And if you do, it’s easier than ever before to track them down.

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