Chad Takes EJ’s Caveman-Like Advice and Tracks Down Abigail, While Allie Makes a Surprising Admission to Chanel

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After Jack calls Kayla to make an appointment for Doug, Julie enters the Horton House living room. She tells Jack Doug doesn’t need to get checked out. There’s nothing to worry about. Jack disagrees. He reminds Julie of Doug’s confusion but Julie exclaims that Doug doesn’t have dementia. Doug walks in and says, “You got that right.” Doug promises not to leave anyone in a freezer again and claims the other stuff was just minor memory issues. He blames it on a poor night of sleep. Doug reminds Julie that Allie and Chanel are opening their bakery and they need to go support them. Jack asks Doug to see Kayla first but Julie ushers her husband out to the Square.


Jack watches as Julie fawns over Doug at the Horton House on Days of Our Lives

Tripp comes upon Allie in the Square to wish her luck with Sweet Bits’ opening. She’s sorry they haven’t talked since drinks the other night but she’s been preoccupied. He wonders if she’s distracted by the bakery or what happened with Chanel and Johnny. Allie can’t get into that right now. She’s too busy. Tripp offers more encouragement about the bakery and kisses her goodbye, which Chanel witnesses.

Tripp clasps Allie's hands in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

As the women tensely display their baked goods on a table in the Square, Chanel suggests they clear the air about her and Johnny. Allie loves her brother but declares he has a terrible track record with women. She doesn’t want her to get hurt. Chanel assures her she’s been too busy to talk to Johnny about anything anyway. She’s been ignoring his calls. Allie’s sorry she caused a scene but she did it because she cares about her. Can she forgive her? Chanel knows she was just looking out for her but accuses Allie of not wanting her while not wanting Johnny to have her either. Allie admits she might have been jealous of her and Johnny.

Chanel and Allie serve Sweet Bits in the Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Doug and Julie arrive for a pastry before Allie can anything more. Julie exclaims the donuts taste exactly like Alice’s. Doug asks, “Who the heck is Alice?”

Johnny enters the DiMera living room and overhears EJ leaving Xander a threatening voicemail about his million dollars. Johnny scoffs at that being the kind of business EJ wants to involve him in. After another round of heated debate over Johnny’s movie dreams, the young DiMera storms out. Chad saunters in. The brothers argue over what Johnny should do with his life, which leads to harsh words about Abigail. EJ tells Chad to go get his wife and bring her back to where she belongs. Chad retorts he doesn’t tell his wife what to do and then points out EJ’s wife isn’t around either. He suggests EJ find Sami and drag her back by her hair. EJ claims he doesn’t want Sami there and doesn’t even know where she is. Chad doesn’t believe him. He’ll bet him a million dollars EJ knows where Sami is or is close to finding out. EJ barks that Chad would lose that bet.

Billy Flynn as Chad DiMera at the mansion on Days of Our Lives

Later, Chad enters a hotel room and calls out, “Abby?” She appears.

Johnny passes Tripp at the hospital on his way to see Marlena about his movie. As they rehash the night at the bar, Johnny declares Allie just wants Chanel for herself. He blames his sister for Chanel ghosting him. Johnny insists he likes Chanel a lot but now he has no idea if he’ll ever hear from her again. He instructs Tripp to tell Allie to stay out of his business from now on.

Johnny and Tripp talk at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

As Xander listens to EJ’s voicemail, Gwen knocks on his door. She saw that Bonnie was arrested and asks if he got his million dollars back. He says, not exactly — the cops seized the cash as evidence after they found Calista’s body. Now, he has to find a way to stall EJ until he gets the money back. Xander calls EJ to explain the cops have his cash but he’ll get it to him ASAP. EJ orders him to do just that.

A shirtless Xander leans in close to Gwen at the Salem Inn on Days of Our Lives

When Xander hangs up with EJ, Gwen explains she didn’t tell Jack the truth about her miscarriage yet. She hopes the crisis with Doug and Julie will distract him for a bit. They joke over the many ways Doug could try to off Julie which leads to a passionate kiss.

After sex, Gwen and Xander try to come up with a lie Gwen can tell Jack about why Snyder was blackmailing her. Xander suggests Gwen tell Jack she used to be a hooker and Snyder was one of her clients. He threatened to expose her unless she became his drug mule. Gwen balks. She’ll just tell Jack the truth. It will be a huge weight off her shoulders, and even if Jack hates her, he might not hate Xander anymore. Xander points out if Jack does find out the truth there’s no reason they can’t see each other. Gwen coyly insists she only came over to make sure he could pay EJ back. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

As Xander gets dressed, EJ pounds on the door. Bonnie was arraigned, so where is his money? Xander claims he was just going to get it but EJ calls the judge to send him back to jail.

EJ confronts Xander at the Salem Inn on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our LivesJohnny turns to Marlena, and Chad appeals to his wife.

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